Mortgage Influencers: The Podcast for Loan Originators who want to make an impact!


Mortgage Influencers: The podcast for mortgage pros who want to make a difference, have an impact and be THE influencer!  

Each Wednesday, hosts, Ginger Bell, Scott Schang, Carl White and Frank Garay meet with various industry influencers to talk about what's working for them in social media, marketing and more.

You’re invited to hear from top producers in the industry. We’ll dive into the latest tools in tech, social media that can help you to create a marketing strategy to stand out.  You'll hear stories from various mortgage and real estate influencers and leaders and learn about what’s really working (and what’s NOT), and learn about killer marketing strategies to help you expand your business.

Mortgage Influencers was started as a Facebook Group under the name of Mortgage Video Mastermind by industry leader, Ginger Bell, CEO & Founder, Edumarketing to help mortgage professionals build their expertise in video and educational marketing.  Carl White, Scott Schang and Frank Garay joined Ginger for a weekly live call to expand the discussion of video marketing.  In 2022, the name of the group was changed to Mortgage Influencer to expand discussion in other areas of influence.

Today, the weekly podcast is one of the most watched and listened to podcasts in the industry, providing insight into various marketing strategies originators can use to build their business. 

About the Hosts

Ginger BellProfile Photo

Ginger Bell

CEO & Founder, Edumarketing

Carl WhiteProfile Photo

Carl White

CEO & Founder, Mortgage Marketing Animals

Scott SchangProfile Photo

Scott Schang

Mortgage Influencer

Frank GarayProfile Photo

Frank Garay

Mortgage Influencer